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Secure Savings for Peace of Mind

Not every savings or investment product is worth the wait or the risk. However, a certificate of deposit from State Bank of Herscher ensures that your investment today will grow over time while also being protected to the maximum limit by the FDIC.

It’s guaranteed growth with greater peace of mind!

Benefits and Features of Our CDs

The CDs we offer come with a number of great benefits and important features:

  • Maturities are available from three months to several years depending on your specific needs.
  • Interest may be paid quarterly, semi-annually, or annually by check or compounded onto the certificate.
  • Interest rates are determined by State Bank of Herscher and are subject to change. Call us for the most current rates.
  • There are penalties for early withdrawal of funds:
    • For CDs with terms of less than one year: 6 months' loss of interest
    • For CDs with terms of one year or more: 12 months' loss of interest
  • CDs renew automatically at maturity at the current CD rate.
  • You have up to 10 calendar days from the maturity date to withdraw funds without being charged a penalty.

Visit State Bank of Herscher in Herscher or Limestone today to open your CD account!

Future Value Calculator

Use this calculator to determine tomorrow’s value of today’s investment.

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